As of March 1, 2018, CommPower has ended support of the iNOTiFY system.
Global Reach Internet Productions is the new exclusive distributor of the SPIA Index for alert/warning markets.
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The Next Generation in Preparedness:


At a glance, in advance, weather alerts and notifications that provide enhanced preparedness for utilities and emergency planning and response organizations.

iNOTiFY Offerings
  • Now, the SPIA Index is much more than just static forecast images on a regional platform. Just as your preparedness needs have changed, so have our products and services, to better accommodate a higher state of readiness.
  • Here’s how the SPIA Index has evolved, and what is now available to user/subscribers via our combined iNOTiFY/SPIA products and services:
    • FREE access to 24-hour in advance regional forecasts.
      (Tier 1 Option)
    • Subscriber access to 72-hour in advance, forecaster-verified data, as well as a rich, interactive map-based iNOTiFY/SPIA interface, PLUS user configurable SMS notifications. (Tier 2 Option)
    • A comprehensive ‘Tier 3’ subscription option gives subscribers all the Tier 2 benefits, PLUS the ability to import assets into the system so they can be displayed on fully interactive maps, with forecast weather graphic overlays. Team collaboration services are also provided with this premium iNOTiFY/SPIA Tier 3 Option.
    • Lastly, add-on Lightning Services are available for fixed asset and crew work area strike warnings, bringing about additional safety for your workers out in the field.

For information on how to obtain an iNOTiFY/SPIA login, please
contact us.