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“Development and Testing of an Ice Accumulation Algorithm”
– Gary D. McManus

"An Analysis of Southern U.S. Ice Storm Frequency from 2000-2009" - Carly Kovacik

"A Proposed Procedure for Conducting an Ice Storm Evaluation in a RAMCAP Risk and Resilience Analysis - Jenny Meszaros proceeding from AWWA Water Security Conference 2012 * Posted by permission. Copyright 2012 by the American Water Works Association

"Ice Storm Frequency in Response to El Nino, Arctic and North Atlantic Oscillation" - Carly Kovacik

"A Climatology of Ice Storm Frequency Across the Contiguous United States and its Association with Changes in the Global Atmospheric Circulation" - Carly Kovacik

"Changes in Ice Storm Frequency Across the United States" - Carly Kovacik

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